NSC Plastic Products & Engineering Sdn Bhd

NSC Plastic Products & Engineering Sdn Bhd
NSC Plastic Products & Engineering Sdn Bhd

Project Description

Established in Malaysia-Puchong since 1995, NSC Plastic Products & Engineering Sdn Bhd. (short for NSC) is specialized in developing all kind of precision molds as well as manufacturing and supplying plastic packaging more than 25 years. At present, our factory covers more than 1.275 acre, with construction area over 1317 sqm, about 30 employee and equipped with 18 units of advanced modern equipment, including injection workshop, blowing workshop, silkscreen workshop, assembly workshop and mold-making workshop. In line with expansion plans, the company continues to increase productivity and operational efficiency by sophisticated machines and equipment to meet the ever demanding market needs,thereby maintaining products’ competitive costs. For all the way, we insist in the belief of “integrity and service first, continuous innovative improvement & customer satisfaction oriented ” and always strive for perfection. Being trusted and supported by strategic partners of well-known brands,day by day,year by year,our company has grown to be one of reputable plastic packaging manufacturer in Malaysia. Our product ranges, including bottles, jars, lid caps, handles, car plates, urine testers, circular spacer, screw caps ,air freshener casings and custom parts, are applied to hygiene care, home care, cleaning, food & beverage, corrugated box, construction, electronic, automobile and pharmaceuticals industries etc.

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