How to pick a good website domain name?

Domain name is very important for a website. Just like how a company name is important for a company.  

Before you rush out and choose your domain name, you might want to consider these points. Pick a domain name that is easy to remember, the domain name itself shall suggest the nature of your products/services, or serves as a strong trademark.

What makes a good domain name?

  1. Short. Ideally, the domain name shall not more than 10 characters
  2. Descriptive. A good domain name suggests it’s business nature just by looking at the domain name itself
  3. Easy to spell. Make sure you can tell others your domain name easily via the phone
  4. Good extension. If it’s possible, get a domain name with .com / .my /
  5. Keywords. Include descriptive keyword that describes your business, or keyword that you want people to find your website when they’re searching for it

Well, it’s almost impossible to find a domain name to fulfill all of the points discussed. However, use these as guidelines, and the more points you hit, the better your domain name is.

After you have your domain name, the next step is website building. Contact Sabah Web Design for any professional advice.


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